Sunday, November 15, 2009

Robin Original Painting by Elsie Flannigan as found on

The first post.

It was difficult to decide what to put up first. I am a lover of artists and bloggers and journalisters... is that even a thing? Either way I am inspired by those that are inspired and create using their own hands. I've never met an artist who doesn't carry with them, either in the physical or mental form, a repetoire of places, people, objects, pictures, and favorite things that have given way to their own personal art. For me inspiration comes from many sources- flapper-era vintage photos, pin-up art of the 1960's, kid-like paintings of fawns and mythical creatures, a beautiful mirror or frame, and even by looking through an Anthropolgie catalogue (I literally want to live IN anthropologie... okay maybe not literally). I love the idea of looking at everyday objects and imagining them in new and different ways, of looking at the ordinary and seeing something beautiful and interesting. This is a space for you to come and get inspired and for myself to keep a collection of my favorite images. Get inspired by life. Become a part of the community. Come back often. Welcome.

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